Welcome to Pig Dog Farms!

We are an up-and-coming farm. Right now, we are “farming” in our backyard, but want to grow our dreams into a real farm.

Latest gardening tips:

  • Gardening: A History
    My first memory of gardens goes way, way back. My great-grandma had a beautiful flower garden in her backyard. I remember running through, stopping to smell the flowers, and then heading over to my friend’s house for some red hot candies. My second memory of gardens is also a long-ago memory. My grandma in WyomingContinue reading “Gardening: A History”
  • For the love of a gardening community
    When I started this blog, the Facebook page and the @pigdogfarm Instagram account, I knew I’d be sharing with people I know. My mom, sister, best friend, husband and mother-in-law are my biggest fans and I love that. I also hoped to find some new friends along the way. But, I never expected to walkContinue reading “For the love of a gardening community”
  • Sourdough…sour what??!!
    Remember back to March 2020 when a little thing called coronavirus shut everyone up in their homes…and then those people had to find things to do? In that moment, everyone became a baker. Cookies, cakes, scones…and sourdough bread. People were baking so much that flour (especially good flour like from King Arthur Baking Company) becameContinue reading “Sourdough…sour what??!!”

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