Welcome to Pig Dog Farms & Bakery!

We’re an up-and-coming backyard farm & home bakery.

Homemade White and Rye sourdough with honey and caraway seeds

Pig Dog Farms & Bakery is a home bakery located in Myrtle Beach, S.C. Right now, we do not have a public storefront, but if you’re local, we offer pick up and delivery of baked goodies. If you have questions on a possible order, let Heather know! You can text her at 843-957-1195.

Want to order bread, cookies or coffeecake? Click HERE.

Check out my Etsy shop by CLICKING HERE.

Latest baking and gardening blog posts:

  • Trying something new – opening an etsy shop
    Good evening! It has been a hot minute since I posted, but that happens sometimes. Times get busy, ideas for blog posts don’t come and sometimes inspiration is hard to find. But! This past week, I’ve been inspired to do more to help people who want to start gardening themselves. And, in order to help … Read More
  • Just a few pretty things to enjoy
    Here are just a few things blooming today on “the farm!”The photos below are by me. The photos below here are from a good friend who is a photographer.
  • Sugar overload – oops!
    Sugar. Sugar. Sugar. Sugar. That is running through my head right now at full speed. Know why? …… I just ate six cookies. One thing I knew when I started Pig Dog Farm & Bakery was that I’d have to try any new recipe – and old ones just to make sure the quality is … Read More

To read more posts from Heather and Pig Dog Farms, click here.

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