Homemade White and honey sourdough bread

Pig Dog Farms & Bakery is a home bakery located in Myrtle Beach, S.C. Right now, we do not have a public storefront, but if you’re local, we offer pick up and delivery of made-to-order baked goodies.

If you have questions on a possible order, let Heather know! You can email her at heather@pigdogfarms.com.

Want to order bread, cookies, scones, a cookie box or coffeecake? Click HERE.

About Me

Heather and Piggy in 2017

Hi, I’m Heather. I’m a full-time senior content creator with an advertising and PR firm. When not working or traveling, I spend most of my time outside in the garden or creating something in the kitchen. I started my business to offer made-to-order tasty treats to my community.

Questions? Email me at heather@pigdogfarms.com.

To see my full menu, click HERE.

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Here’s what the people are saying about Pig Dog Farms & Bakery:

We had cinnamon roll cookies and lemon cookies for a birthday celebration 🎉 with my grandkids . Both are fabulous!! Had a coffee cake the next morning, also really terrific!!

Tim O’Neill

Heather baked a few dozen cookies (chocolate chip and lemon) to give away as favors for our party. They were so delicious! Buttery, rich, and the perfect combination of crisp and soft. I can’t wait to order them again! The cookies were sooo good, they were a great value, and everyone loved them.

Melissa Byers

We bought a TON of stuff last weekend and it’s almost all gone. The cookies, bread, pies…ALL AMAZING!

Ed Piotrowski

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