Welcome to Pig Dog Farms & Bakery!

We’re an up-and-coming backyard farm & home bakery.

Homemade White and Rye sourdough with honey and caraway seeds

Pig Dog Farms & Bakery

Want to order bread, cookies or coffeecake? Click HERE.

Latest baking and gardening posts:

  • Just a few pretty things to enjoy
    Here are just a few things blooming today on “the farm!”The photos below are by me. The photos below here are from a good friend who is a photographer.
  • Sugar overload – oops!
    Sugar. Sugar. Sugar. Sugar. That is running through my head right now at full speed. Know why? …… I just ate six cookies. One thing I knew when I started Pig Dog Farm & Bakery was that I’d have to try any new recipe – and old ones just to make sure the quality is … Read More
  • Making cookies…in a jumbo muffin tin?
    What?! You don’t have to bake cookies on a cookie sheet? Nope. You don’t. Shocking, I know. In my quest to create the best peanut butter cookie a home cook can make, I decided to try baking them in a jumbo muffin tin! (turns out other people have thought of this, too…) Surprisingly…or not surprisingly…these … Read More

To read more posts from Heather and Pig Dog Farms, click here.

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