It is officially, official. The bakery is open.

Well, as it states above, this is real. We’re in business. If you read this post…well, Pig Dog Farms & Bakery is set.

I can’t believe it and I am so excited. We even have a new logo! Thanks to Design and Word for your hard work on it. I think it perfectly shows Piggy’s smile.

Right now, I am still working building customers and trying out new recipes, but things have already grown from when I first thought about the idea.

There are quite a few new varieties of cookies and I am now doing a loaf-style sourdough bread in addition to the round loaves.

Burned cookie of the left. Remade cookie on the right.

I’ve also had some fails… like not correctly making snickerdoodle cookies and having them burn on the bottom. OOPS!

In the future, I hope to have more direct customers and also set up at one of the farmers markets. Let me know which one in the Myrtle Beach area is your favorite! I like the Conway market and the one at Market Common.

If you’re in the area and interested in an order, you can see what I have HERE. I also can try a new cookie by request. Bake a cake by request and try a new style of bread. Just send me a note.

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