Sourdough breads, coffee cake, Scones, cookies and cake

Pig Dog Farms & Bakery is a home bakery located in Myrtle Beach, S.C. Right now, we do not have a public storefront, but if you’re local, we offer pick up and delivery of our baked goodies. Please let Heather know if you have any questions on a possible order.
You can text her at 843-957-1195.

Breads: (Order form HERE) ***breads only available Saturday or Sunday
White/honey sourdough – $6 per round loaf
Whole wheat/honey sourdough – $7 per round loaf
Rye and white sourdough with honey and caraway seeds – $7 per round loaf
White sourdough sandwich loaf bread – $6 per loaf
Whole wheat sourdough sandwich loaf bread – $6 per loaf

Cookies: (Order form HERE)
Monster cookies – $8 per dozen
Chocolate Chip cookies – $8 per dozen
Peanut butter cookies – $9 per dozen
Pecan meltaways – $12 for 24
Oatmeal raisin cookies – $9 per dozen
French vanilla madeleines – $12 for 24
Snickerdoodle cookies – $7 per dozen
Lemon cream cheese cookies – $8 per dozen
Glazed pumpkin cookies – $8 per dozen
Glazed pumpkin cookies with chocolate chips – $9 per dozen
Cinnamon roll cookies with cream cheese frosting – $9 per dozen

Sourdough scones: (Order form HERE)
Flaky, buttery sourdough scone with a mix-in of your choice (chocolate chips, blueberries, almonds): $20 for 8.

Cake: (Order form HERE)
Strawberry cake – $15 (uses local strawberries)
Sourdough cinnamon & sugar coffee cake – $9 per round cake

Holiday boxes: (Order form HERE)
Ultimate Cookie Box – $20
(4 cinnamon roll cookies with cream cheese frosting, 4 peanut butter cookies, 4 french vanilla madeleines, 4 lemon cream cheese cookies, 2 pecan meltaways)
Traditional Cookie Box – $20
(4 chocolate chip cookies, 4 glazed pumpkin (with chocolate chips or plain), 4 monster cookies, 4 peanut butter cookies, 2 pecan meltaways)

*Each loaf, batch of cookies and cakes is baked to order. ORDER FORM HERE.
*Payment types accepted include: cash, check, Paypal and Venmo.