What’s new at Pig Dog Farms?

Just a few pretty things to enjoy

Here are just a few things blooming today on “the farm!”The photos below are by me. The photos below here are from a good friend who is a photographer.

Sugar overload – oops!

Sugar. Sugar. Sugar. Sugar. That is running through my head right now at full speed. Know why? …… I just ate six cookies. One thing I knew when I started Pig Dog Farm & Bakery was that I’d have to try any new recipe – and old ones just to make sure the quality is … Read More

Making cookies…in a jumbo muffin tin?

What?! You don’t have to bake cookies on a cookie sheet? Nope. You don’t. Shocking, I know. In my quest to create the best peanut butter cookie a home cook can make, I decided to try baking them in a jumbo muffin tin! (turns out other people have thought of this, too…) Surprisingly…or not surprisingly…these … Read More

Spring flowers getting ready for full bloom

Spring is my favorite season. Everything gradually wakes up from the winter nap and pops of color fill the world. Around this time in South Carolina, some early flowers start to bloom – giving a peek as to what is ahead. Right now, in my yard, I have calendula, petunias and daffodils. Soon, there will … Read More


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