Baking and Cooking

What are we making at Pig Dog Farms?

Pre-order your holiday cookie box!

It is time to start planning for the holidays! This year, I’ll be offering holiday cookie boxes that are perfect to give as a gift or to enjoy with family and friends. These boxes feature some of my best-selling items. You can put in your order now and pick a date for delivery or pickup. … Read More

Trying something new – opening an etsy shop

Good evening! It has been a hot minute since I posted, but that happens sometimes. Times get busy, ideas for blog posts don’t come and sometimes inspiration is hard to find. But! This past week, I’ve been inspired to do more to help people who want to start gardening themselves. And, in order to help … Read More

Sugar overload – oops!

Sugar. Sugar. Sugar. Sugar. That is running through my head right now at full speed. Know why? …… I just ate six cookies. One thing I knew when I started Pig Dog Farm & Bakery was that I’d have to try any new recipe – and old ones just to make sure the quality is … Read More

Making cookies…in a jumbo muffin tin?

What?! You don’t have to bake cookies on a cookie sheet? Nope. You don’t. Shocking, I know. In my quest to create the best peanut butter cookie a home cook can make, I decided to try baking them in a jumbo muffin tin! (turns out other people have thought of this, too…) Surprisingly…or not surprisingly…these … Read More

Spring flowers getting ready for full bloom

Spring is my favorite season. Everything gradually wakes up from the winter nap and pops of color fill the world. Around this time in South Carolina, some early flowers start to bloom – giving a peek as to what is ahead. Right now, in my yard, I have calendula, petunias and daffodils. Soon, there will … Read More

Potting up plants – what does that even mean?

Good Sunday morning!!! I’ve been busy already today potting up tomatoes and eggplant. But what exactly does potting up mean? When you start seeds in a smaller seed tray, the plants can only get so big and stay happy for a short time. Just as kids grow and need bigger shoes, plants grow and need … Read More

Testing recipes to make the perfect bread or cookie

Before I even think about offering a loaf of bread or a cookie, I want to make sure it is the best. When I first started thinking about selling homemade sourdough bread, I was making a full rye loaf that was inconsistent and didn’t stay fresh. Not good. So, I found a new recipe. I … Read More

A short peek at what’s growing on Feb. 21.

There are only 30 days until the last frost here in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. 30 days!!! That’s exciting. I am ready for some warmer weather, growing tomatoes, blooming flowers and bees. I miss the bees. Today, I planted some sunflowers, cabbage and peanuts so they can sprout and be ready to put in the … Read More

It is officially, official. The bakery is open.

Well, as it states above, this is real. We’re in business. If you read this post…well, Pig Dog Farms & Bakery is set. I can’t believe it and I am so excited. We even have a new logo! Thanks to Design and Word for your hard work on it. I think it perfectly shows Piggy’s … Read More


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