Gardening Tips

Tips, tricks and failures at Pig Dog Farms.

Am I starting a baking business? Maybe…

Almost everyone dreams of someday being their own boss and becoming a successful entrepreneur. A small, teeny part of that dream for me, might be coming true. Maybe. Just yesterday, I put out a note into the Facebook universe to see if anyone in the Myrtle Beach area would like some to buy some homemade … Read More

Dreaming, and planning, for spring

Let me set the scene for you for most gardeners in the northern hemisphere in January. If you live anywhere not in zone 9 or 10, January is quiet time in the garden. You, of course, can plant kale, collards, cabbage, carrots and other crops under a cover that don’t mind the cold weather, frost … Read More

Gardening: A History

My first memory of gardens goes way, way back. My great-grandma had a beautiful flower garden in her backyard. I remember running through, stopping to smell the flowers, and then heading over to my friend’s house for some red hot candies. My second memory of gardens is also a long-ago memory. My grandma in Wyoming … Read More

For the love of a gardening community

When I started this blog, the Facebook page and the @pigdogfarm Instagram account, I knew I’d be sharing with people I know. My mom, sister, best friend, husband and mother-in-law are my biggest fans and I love that. I also hoped to find some new friends along the way. But, I never expected to walk … Read More

Sourdough…sour what??!!

Remember back to March 2020 when a little thing called coronavirus shut everyone up in their homes…and then those people had to find things to do? In that moment, everyone became a baker. Cookies, cakes, scones…and sourdough bread. People were baking so much that flour (especially good flour like from King Arthur Baking Company) became … Read More

Bugs…ughhhh bad bugs

Gardening is not without bugs – of many kinds. As I have written before, I do like most bugs. I love butterflies, bees, assassin bugs, spiders, dragonflies and other pollinators. However, I hate bad bugs who eat my plants and ruin things. This year has been really bad for some bugs. Thanks 2020… Specifically, as … Read More

So you had a good harvest…now what?

Tomatoes, beans, peas, peppers, eggplant, okra, cucumbers, squash, potatoes, watermelon… if you have plants, and you try your best to take care of them, you’ll have a harvest. So now what? What can you do with all those goodies? Below are just some of the meals that we’ve (by we, I mean my husband) created … Read More

Fall garden plan – 2020

Fall is coming!!! Spread the word. The summer heat is almost over for us here in South Carolina – or it will be in about a month in a half…hopefully. Since I usually start planning the Spring and Summer garden when January and February roll around – it is only natural for me to plan … Read More

We’re not alone in the garden…

As a gardener, you’re never alone. Not only are there millions of gardeners and farmers worldwide from whom to learn, there are also the friends in the garden…all around you. These are the pollinators and the garden helpers that make vegetables, fruits and flowers grow. In our garden, we have many “friends” who help me … Read More

Video tour of the garden – Aug. 9, 2020.

Interested in taking a peek inside the garden right now? Watch the video link below: Growing right now: blueberries, raspberries, zinnias, hot peppers, green peppers, sweet potatoes, tomatillos, fall potatoes, oregano, thyme, okra, fennel, onions, basil, eggplants, tomatoes, bush beans, pole beans, broccoli, kale, corn, pumpkins, watermelon, sunflowers, meyer lemon tree, key lime tree, … Read More


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