Gardening Tips

Health benefits to gardening

Did you know that gardening is not only great exercise, but that playing in the dirt can keep you healthy both physically and mentally? It’s true. Dirt has so many different things growing in it, it actually helps build your immune system by exposing you to these microbes. In fact, the BBC recently did an…

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How to grow the best greens in your garden

Fall and winter gardens can be the best time to grow plants of the year, in my opinion. There are fewer pests, the weather isn’t extremely crazy depending on where you live and plants take less watering and maintenance. RELATED: Planting carrots with a tissue? A trick to easily start carrot seeds Greens like kale, kohlrabi,…

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7 easy tips to help start your own garden in any space

Starting a garden can seem hard, but it doesn’t have to be. Do you have containers? Dirt? Do you have the seeds or plants you want to grow? These are just a few questions to answer first, but don’t get overwhelmed. I’ve got you. I’ve been gardening since 2009. It started simply with containers on…

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How to plan your spring garden

It is January! Depending on where you live, it is either freezing with tons of snow (hi to my family in North Dakota) or you’re in a place that is seeing a warmer than normal winter, like me. Today, in Myrtle Beach, it is 75 and cloudy. While many North Dakotans might not be thinking…

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Trying something new – opening an etsy shop

Good evening! It has been a hot minute since I posted, but that happens sometimes. Times get busy, ideas for blog posts don’t come and sometimes inspiration is hard to find. But! This past week, I’ve been inspired to do more to help people who want to start gardening themselves. And, in order to help…

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Spring flowers getting ready for full bloom

Spring is my favorite season. Everything gradually wakes up from the winter nap and pops of color fill the world. Around this time in South Carolina, some early flowers start to bloom – giving a peek as to what is ahead. Right now, in my yard, I have calendula, petunias and daffodils. Soon, there will…

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Potting up plants – what does that even mean?

Good Sunday morning!!! I’ve been busy already today potting up tomatoes and eggplant. But what exactly does potting up mean? When you start seeds in a smaller seed tray, the plants can only get so big and stay happy for a short time. Just as kids grow and need bigger shoes, plants grow and need…

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A short peek at what’s growing on Feb. 21.

There are only 30 days until the last frost here in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. 30 days!!! That’s exciting. I am ready for some warmer weather, growing tomatoes, blooming flowers and bees. I miss the bees. Today, I planted some sunflowers, cabbage and peanuts so they can sprout and be ready to put in the…

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