Planting carrots with a tissue? A trick to easily start carrot seeds

Interested in planting carrots for your spring garden this year?

Well, if you’ve tried them before, you know the seeds can be quite hard to see in that dark dirt, spacing can then be an issue and your seeds may go too deep and not germinate.

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Well, I’ve got a trick to help!

I’ve seen other tips similar to this method, but here’s how I do it.

  • Fill a medium size cloth container, just like these that I highly recommend, with dirt & compost about 12 inches deep (to give room for the carrot to grow down)
  • Take a two ply, unscented/non-lotion tissue and separate the pieces
  • Place the now single ply tissue on top of the dirt
  • Press the tissue down
  • Sprinkle the carrot seeds in a row or around your growing area
  • Cover carefully with dirt to not disrupt your rows
  • Water and keep the soil moist until the seeds germinate
  • After they germinate, thin the carrot seedlings for proper spacing. (Don’t throw away! These are delicious in salads)
  • Continue to water when dry and watch them grow!

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